This is my response to Assignment 01 for 48-533 Future CNC.  “Da Vinci Dream” I believe Leonardo Da Vinci would have killed to have access to such amazing tools and robots.  So here is a little tribute to him captured in light.

The challenge in this project was bringing geometry from a work area I could model in, Rhinoceros 4.0, to RobotStudio.  The only file format that was compatible with RobotStudio and could function when following the Path from Curve Tutorial was an ACIS.sat file.  It is also very helpful if the geo in rhino was placed where you want the paths to be drawn in relation to the robot in RobotStudio.  I find rotating and moving in RobotStudio incredibly confusing.  After the geometry was imported I followed the video tutorial and successfully created the tool path.  The trickiest part was reorienting the points in the path so that the robot could follow the path properly.  In some instances the points called for excessive joint rotation, especially joint 4 beyond the 200 degree limit.  However, manual and automatic reconfiguration were successful in correcting the orientations.

Final image of light writing.  The program ran with z10, half-second wait times between LED switches and v800 parameters to allow the program to fit into the camera’s 30 second exposure time.

William Crownover