Assignment 02


Future CNC explores the future of computer numeric controlled (CNC) manufacturing technologies as they proliferate into domestic, commercial, and creative settings. In the final assignment you are invited to speculate and create a vision for how CNC and robotic fabrication techniques will be put to use in the future. Outline clearly how you see this technology being used, and build a prototype system that supports that vision.

The theme of the final assignment is open. Relevant topics include, but are not limited to: interactive fabrication, computational food, generative architecture, data-driven fabrication, physics/simulation-based applications, and future wearables. The project could involve, for example, developing a new interface, an installation, a performance, a new method of fabrication, or a unique form of moving-image.

The project should in some way push the boundaries of how robotic manufacturing technologies are used and understood. You should also consider what technical areas are most important for you to focus on, i.e. electronics, software, tool design/fabrication, or another area related to realizing your vision. We will go through different methods (i.e. Processing and Grasshopper) for creating Rapid programs, but it is your responsible to find/create the tools you need.

We recommend you work in teams of two, so you can tackle a larger more ambitious project. You will be required to provide two updates and a final presentation with associated blog post.


Thursday April 12 – 1st Progress Report
You will give a 5 minute in-class presentation of your idea/concept and any work you have done to test its feasibility. This may include video, images, code, simulations, live demos on the robot, etc.

Thursday April 26 – 2nd Progress Report
You will give a 5 to 10 minute in-class presentation of your work which must include either a video or brief live demo. From this point forward we will focus on wrapping up your projects and making them presentation ready.

Thursday May 10 – Final Review and Blog Post
We will have visiting critics in to review your work. You will prepare a video to document your project including the underlying concept and actual prototype. Your blog posts including all of your final documentation will be completed prior to the final review.